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Future-Proofing a Heritage Brand

Connecting TDC NET to the future
In the face of a major reorganisation, complex stakeholder landscape, and a transformative new business strategy, Kontrapunkt helped TDC NET find its bearings. The new brand cements TDC NET's position as an innovative market leader that catalyses opportunities in society with a bold new brand that speaks to every Dane.

Client: TDC NET
Year: 2019
Industry: Digital infrastructure, Telcom


Research and Insights
User Research
Visual Identity Design
Bespoke Typeface

Building on heritage

With deep roots in Danish history and a symbol and logo known by most Danes, it was essential to keep the heritage and history of TDC. TDC NET and Kontrapunkt embraced the well-known and recognisable logo — bringing it into a future with more openness and customer focus. It is a logo connecting every TDC NET user in Denmark – from the rough and windy beaches in the West to the rocky island in the East.

A close collaboration

Working together as one unit across teams was key. The close collaboration between TDC NET and Kontrapunkt enabled us to provide a credible strategic foundation, to keep momentum, and insist on an enlightened and visionary approach to the future brand.  

Future-proofing heritage

Ask any Dane, and they will almost certainly know TDC. Kontrapunkt knew from the beginning that leveraging the heritage and brand equity built over the years while creating something new, excitable and future-proof would be key to a successful transformation.

To get a comprehensive understanding of the company culture, customer needs, industry insights, and TDC NET’s ambitions for the future, we tailored a process of deep dives into key target groups and brand criteria. Combining comprehensive quantitative data and immersive qualitative data gathering spanning the entire organisation, we were able to pin down the present challenges and qualify decisions regarding the future of the new brand. 

Colours from a diverse landscape

The new colours embrace the Danish Landscape. Just like TDC NET. From the red tiles on the Copenhagen rooftops, to the green fields on Fyn and rough blue waves on the West coast of Jylland. TDC NET paints the colours of Denmark.

Internet of all things

A series of abstract forms add playful attitude. Symbolising all that is connected by TDC NET, the combinations are diverse and endlessly alluring – just like the internet itself – yet distinctly TDC NET.

A connecting typeface

The typeface is a powerful manifestation and refreshing new voice of TDC NET's reliable network. Simple, precise and approachable, the TDC NET custom typeface is superbly functional yet distinct and recognisable — just like the TDC NET brand itself. Featuring a range of ligatures the letter design symbolises the connections enabled by the TDC NET network. 

An updated Tone of Voice

With its new and optimistic tone of voice, the TDC NET brand adds a verbal dimension to its catalyst role. Stressing clarity and accessibility in all communications the TDC NET tone of voice ranges from the functional to the emotional depending on audience and context.

Fibernet på vej - og lidt i vejen.

TDC NET's new vision and direction

When TDC NET was born from the TDC Group split, intense introspection alongside extensive industry research was called for. To find the right balance between TDC's proud heritage and a credible path forward for a brand with the ambition to shape the digital future of Denmark. The TDC NET team and Kontrapunkt embarked on a shared journey that left no stone unturned. The result is a next-generation telco ready to deliver the infrastructure that ties Denmark together, from fibre and 5G to a future of novel technological breakthroughs.

Christina Juul Bladt

Head of Strategy

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Mikkel Lemvig

Design Director

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