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Green Meadow

A Breath of Fresh Air

From start-up to consolidated front-runners
As a document automation solution company, Green Meadow do most of their work behind the scenes. They are market visionaries with a courageous and uncompromising approach to their work, so we gave them a bold and confident brand identity and digital experience to match.

Client: Green Meadow
Year: 2021
Industry: Legal


Brand Identity
Digital Design
Corporate Website

A guarantee of quality
Up to the present, no customers have ever left Green Meadow, and customer satisfaction is towering. Their new logo is not just a graphic identifier ensuring brand recognition, it’s a quality stamp!

The tranquility of a green meadow
If you close your eyes and think of high-level organisations and big-shot law firms like Bech-Bruun, the Danish Government and Plesner, what do you see? Our guess is that it wasn’t blue skies and crisp fields of spring-green grass.

For Green Meadow, we created an adventurous brand identity inspired by their name, born out of the ambition to be a breath of fresh air for their customers. Giving them bold and vibrant colours inspired by actual green meadows allows them to stand out in a category dominated by corner-offices and glass facades.

Attention to customer details
Green Meadow can’t showcase their technology, so they rely on their roster of customers and their references. To let actions speak for ideals, we created a visual hierarchy for their digital experience that puts the customer front and center. A simple but effective colour palette, the right typeface and minimal but effective micro-interactions can go a long way in enriching digital content.

A quick and daring process
Our collaboration with Green Meadow was an abundance of confidence and trust, resulting in a concise, agile process. In just a couple of months, we visualised their professional customer-focused approach by developing everything from logo and colours in the brand universe to the flow on the website.

Mathias Rønnow


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