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Bringing History Into the Future

As more and more citizens meet the Danish Parliament online, the institution has an ever-increasing need to be present on digital platforms. The solution is a new design optimised for screens. Comprehensive strategic work preceded the design process to ensure a long-lasting result. With this emerged the image of an institution wishing to signal credibility, openness and orderliness while respecting history.

Client: Folketinget
Year: 2018
Industry: Public Sector, Government


Research and Insights
Visual Identity Design
Motion Design
Design Guidelines


"With the new design, we have an expression that is both classical and contemporary while staying true to its historical legacy. The high quality of the seal helps maintain a dignified, recognisable and consistent framework around the parliament and its institutions."

The Parliamentary Chairman, Pia Kjærsgaard

Rooted in Danish History

The identity consists of elements found throughout Christiansborg Palace. For a result that many people know from TV or physical visits to the castle.

The colours are taken from the flower frieze in the Walking Hall while the typeface in the logo is strongly inspired by the features of the 1915 Constitution that gave women the right to vote. Together, the elements ensure a stylish and recognisable language that emphasises the historical anchorage.

Unfolding design narratives

All the patterns in the identity are based on chair seats in the Parliament Hall or carpets from the entrance hall in Rigsdagsgården. Together with the other design elements, they are rolled out on every touch point from analogue products to digital info graphics as well as on the Parliament’s TV channel. For an appearance that is ready to bring history into the future.

Mikkel Lemvig

Design Director

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