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Kontrapunkt Type – an interactive solo exhibition on bespoke type design.

It took some time to get here, but we are incredibly proud and excited to finally announce the opening of Kontrapunkt Type at kyoto ddd gallery. The exhibition on type design highlights the form and meaning of letters and how they convey a story with their form.

An interactive exhibition celebrating type design
Can you imagine a dynamic typeface that reacts to sound? How about an eroding typeface or one with deep roots in the rugged Scandinavian landscape? The virtual exhibition opening at kyoto ddd gallery, guides you through ten selected typography works by Kontrapunkt. Behind each bespoke typeface is a brand with a unique story. The letters connote a certain Nordic feeling, symbolise hop leaves, take cues from audio waves or reference an iconic logo.

We treat the letters as individual sculptures because every element of the alphabet bears with it so many narrative threads that make up the bigger story.

Rasmus Michaëlis Christensen

Head of Type Design at Kontrapunkt

Go experience type design in an entirely new way via interactive pedals on the floor and changing motion on the walls of ddd.

kyoto ddd gallery will open its doors to 'Kontrapunkt Type' from
June 9 (Tue) – October 3 (Sat), 2020.
at: kyoto ddd gallery
10 Uzumasakamikeibu-cho,
Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 616-8533

Can't attend?
In these times, a visit to Kyoto may be impossible. Therefore Kontrapunkt decided to create an exhibition and experience, available to everyone online. With this new virtual format of Kontrapunkt Type, we wish to encourage people who cannot visit kyoto ddd gallery, to join the online experience of Kontrapunkt Type instead. Please visit at

Kontrapunkt Type is created in collaboration with DNP and kyoto ddd gallery. All gallery photos by photographer Akihito Yoshida