Shiseido and Goertek win DFA (Design for Asia) award

One wants to innovate and push the boundaries within type design, the other wants to be a unique mediator for other architects and designers. But what our typeface for Goertek and visual identity design for Shiseido both have in common this week, is winning a DFA (Design for Asia) award. And we are equally proud of our work on both projects.

A dynamic typeface
Our work with the Chinese audio tech company Goertek was inspired by a desire to create a variable and dynamic typeface that reacts to its surroundings. Our head of type design team, Rasmus and Torsten collaborated with Nippon Design Center of Japan in designing a sound-sensitive typeface for Goertek. The result opens up entirely new possibilities within typography and typeface design, and we are very proud to have been granted a DFA type design award for our work with Goertek.

One collective voice in an ambitious innovative Global Centre
The Shiseido Global Innovation Center, also dubbed S/PARK, includes work by world-renowned designers and architects such as Gensler, Kajima and Nendo. S/PARK encompasses two meanings: 'Shiseido Park' - a place where people come together; and 'Spark' as in the spark which drives creativity and new ideas. It was Kontrapunkt's goal to create an individually unique identity, yet work as a mediator for the other designers and architects throughout the entire innovation centre. We are very happy to receive recognition for our work with the always inspiring Shiseido company.

Btw. More on us and our work for Shiseido Global Innovation Center, coming soon!

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Torsten Lindsø Andersen

Head of Type Design & Partner

Torsten Lindsø Andersen