Creating a Conversational Culture

What do the concepts of inclusion and diversity signify to you? How do they manifest in your daily life, in society as a whole, and within your professional endeavours?

Let's talk about Diversity and Inclusion

A significant portion of our lives is spent at work. Inclusion and diversity hold pivotal roles in ensuring that everyone feels acknowledged—whether among colleagues in an office setting while working individually, remotely, or as part of a mobile workforce. These notions often linger subtly, occasionally unspoken, whether in casual conversations by the coffee machine or in the recognition you receive during client meetings.

We continuously try to maintain an ongoing dialogue concerning diversity and inclusion within our workplace. Fostering such conversations stands as the initial stride towards uncovering the underlying frameworks and biases we all bear. By initiating these discussions, we aspire to edge a bit closer to cultivating an environment that embraces diversity and inclusivity.

In alignment with this mindset, we came across some footage from the previous year. The context was Pride 2022, and we were intrigued to capture our colleagues' viewpoints about that week in August when the streets of Copenhagen radiated extra vibrancy and pride.

We observed that terms like inclusion and diversity were intertwined with discussions about Pride. One might argue that this connection is undoubtedly evident, but nevertheless, it compels us to pause and reflect.

May this serve as a subtle voice at the back of your mind—and most importantly, as a paramount reminder to ourselves at Kontrapunkt.

Let's approach every remark, encounter, and contemplation regarding diversity and inclusion with sensitivity and empathy.